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Four Seasons: Our venture into experiential design & development
Get ready to take a psychedelic journey across the seasons with Reaktor’s first ever immersive, interactive art exhibit.

"Four Seasons" was an immersive installation I contributed to as a creative technologist using TouchDesigner.

Collaborating with a team of designers and technologists, we brought together cutting-edge technology and artistic vision to create a captivating experience. Through responsive visuals, synchronized soundscapes, and interactive controls, participants were transported into a multisensory journey blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital realms. The installation aimed to evoke introspection and awe, highlighting the transformative power of collaboration and innovation in crafting immersive experiences.

Roses NFT

Roses — fxhash
Roses by matejko Interpretation of rose flowers, which came to life while exploring how natural elements are connected to generative art through Perlin noise. Once they were created, there needed to

A humble attempt at interpreting the timeless beauty of roses, Roses NFT is a generative art piece that explores the relationship between natural elements and technology. Utilizing Perlin noise, each rose is brought to life with delicate details inspired by the actual flower. While it may not be a perfect representation, Roses NFT aims to capture the spirit and essence of the rose in its own unique way. A simple tribute to the beauty of nature and the power of technology.

Curtains NFT

Curtains — fxhash
Curtains While learning more about flow fields, as an intermediate step, the first version of this came out. The artwork creates a set of lines; the first point of the lines are anchors, which can be

A unique interpretation of grid systems in generative art, Curtains NFT is a mesmerizing piece that showcases the power of technology and creativity. Each step of the grid serves as an anchor point for a line, with the other end determined through a calculation using Perlin noise. The result is a delicate interplay of lines and angles, creating a stunning representation of movement and fluidity. Whether you're a fan of generative art or appreciate the beauty of mathematics and technology, Curtains NFT is a must-see.